PowerShell function Get-ScriptDirectory

Very often when I'm writing a script in PowerShell, I will need to obtain the directory in which that same script resides. This is sadly not completely trivial in PowerShell, but the following function achieves the desired result:

Hopefully, having created a gist for this and blogged about it, I won't have to keep resorting to Google in future to remind me how to do this. This particular version was posted to the PowerShell Code Repository by Andy Arismendi.

PowerShell one-liner: extract all zip files

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PowerShell -whatif

PowerShell is Microsoft's new command line shell for Windows. Version 1 was released in 2006, and version 2 has been in CTP for about a year now; it will finally RTM with Windows 7. It's a truly fantastic shell, and if you haven't looked into it already, I would urge you to do so. There's a wealth of information out there, not least on the PowerShell blog, that will get you started very quickly.


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