Action! Introducing ReelCritic, a new film blog.

March 25, 2010 - 2 minute read -

I’ve finally done it: ReelCritic has launched! The DNS changes are currently propagating through the Internet, so the link may not work for you straight away; you might want to give it another go in a few hours/tomorrow. Here’s an excerpt from my introductory post:

Welcome to ReelCritic, a new film blog! Here I will be mostly posting film reviews, but you can expect to see the odd opinion piece as well. Maybe even some news, who knows? This place is so new, I'm still working out what to do with it. Some of you may have found this little blog from my software programming blog, CodeBork. You'll be pleased to hear that I have copied over the film-related posts from there to here, so you can find everything in one place. Sadly the comments have not be copied over, but this isn't a huge loss considering how few of them there are.

As mentioned in my earlier post on this new site, the rationale for this is to give this blog more of a focus: previously the coding posts and the film reviews were jostling for space and my poor blog was suffering from something of an identity crisis. So, if you found my film reviews and posts interesting but are not interested in the technical posts, you can now subscribe to ReelCritic instead! As a result of all this, you will notice that I have removed the film-specific feed from the front page, and I will no longer be posting film reviews to this blog. The film-specific feed has also been removed, so if you’re subscribed to that you will probably want update your feed subscription to point to the ReelCritic feed instead.

As always, please feel free to leave me feedback in the comments below. I hope you enjoy the new offering from ReelCritic!